StoryPlay® Practitioner – Level II – One year intensive

Level II – StoryPlay® Practitioner – One year intensive

This year-long intensive training is offered to those clinicians who wish to refine, deepen, and advance the skills they have learned in the Level I – StoryPlay Foundations training. Each of the four trainings will be from Friday-Sunday and will focus upon a cluster of the Modules during each weekend. Participants will be expected to present a case showing how they have used the StoryPlay model in their work.

Where: Via Zoom and a weekend retreat


11-12 November 2022,
10-11 February 2023,
12-13 May 2023 and

26-27 August 2023.


  • Prerequisite: Completion of Level I – StoryPlay® Foundations.
  • Graduate degree from a relevant mental health field
  • Additionally, participants will need to complete 30 hours of direct client work with their population using the StoryPlay® modules and 5 hours of supervision.
  • Proof of malpractice insurance


  • Deepen StoryPlay® skill level specific to their practice and population.
  • Individual coaching, consultation, supervision* related to cases, practice, and setting exclusively within the StoryPlay® model
  • Group feedback and support
  • Learn four new creative StoryCraft activities that will activate healing potentials within challenging children and adolescents. One per weekend.
  • Upon completion of Level II, clinicians that complete the criteria, will be eligible to take the Level III – towards becoming a “Certified StoryPlay® Consultant – Supervisor”.
Training Includes:

  • Attachment theory and its application through the StoryPlay® model.
  • Neurobiology and connection with StoryPlay® model.
  • Dissociation in therapeutic process
  • Metaphors and therapeutic activities and interventions inspired by nature
  • Basic theoretic principles and strategies by Milton Erikson
  • Milton Erikson and family therapy – application in StoryPlay® model.

One Year Training Includes:

    • Meeting of training group four times a year:
      Via Zoom 3 two days blocks: Friday 17:00 – 21:00 and Saturday 11:00 – 17:00 and
      Retreat: One weekend (Saturday and Sunday) – 6 hours per day
    • Participants will present case studies showing how they have applied the StoryPlay® model in their practice or setting. (practical application)
    • Small Group (Up to 12) – monthly meetings of 3hours
    • Includes all materials
    • Individual consultation 1 hr. by phone per month (or participation to group supervision)

specific solely to the StoryPlay® Model.

  • Group support – if needed

NOTE: Any reference to “supervision” only applies to the StoryPlay® model of training. It does not involve or represent ethical or legal responsibility for any cases discussed by participants. Participants are responsible for maintaining the highest of ethical standards as they are deemed to provide by their respective licensing boards.

Commitment: The commitment is for the full year. If you need to miss one of the weekends, you can make it up the next time Level II is offered without any additional charges.
All exercises are to be completed and photos taken of the StoryCrafts that can be shared with group.
To discuss payment options, contact us directly or Email:


6 OCTOBER 2023


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