Circle of Security - Parenting

What is the Circle of Security?

It is a Program for groups of Parents, Teachers, Therapists, or people involved with children of any age, in 8 to 12-week meetings, where one can learn what children need to grow into safe and strong emotional people who will succeed in school and later in work and life.

“Why is my child behaving this way?”
“What do children need?”
“How can I help them develop to the best of their ability?”

The Circle of Security approach is based on 50 years of research and is used around the world to help children be happier and more responsive to parents, develop self-control, get along better with their siblings, their friends and teachers, and grow into capable teenagers and adults.

Who can attend:

Parents, Teachers and anyone who cares about children.

Description of the Group

The Circle of Security can help parents find the key and unlock the mystery of their children’s difficult behaviors, giving them a renewed sense of accomplishment and confidence.

In fact, it helps all of us as parents feel exactly how we want to feel about our children:

Bigger, Stronger, Wiser, and Gentle.

The Circle of Security program includes files of videotaped sessions, of real children interacting with their parents, and gives very beautiful examples of your child’s behavior, moment by moment.

Participants practice recognizing emotional signals, as well as false signals, and gain knowledge and ideas on how to help children behave better.

When parents learn to respond appropriately to their children’s needs, they feel calmer and their children feel more confident and successful.

Using the Parenting Security Cycle model or Circle of Security Parenting (COS – P) developed by early safety circle researchers Bert Powell, Glen Cooper and Kent Hoffman, parents gain this knowledge, in order to:

  • Understand their child’s emotional world by learning to identify their emotional needs.
  • Support their child’s ability to successfully manage their emotions.
  • Increase their child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Meet and honor their child’s innate need for security.

50 years of research has shown that the more secure children are, the more capable they are:

  • To have more joy with their parents
  • To turn to their parents when they need help
  • Solve multiple problems on their own
  • Getting along better with friends
  • Make long-term friendships
  • Have better relationships with their siblings
  • Have more self-confidence
  • Trust that all problems have a solution
  • Trust that good things will happen to them
  • Have confidence in the people they love


All of the above give parents the following privileges:

  1. much less tension and difficulty with their children
  2. greater sense of effectiveness and ability to meet their children’s needs.

“I can really have a positive impact on how my child feels and behaves”

  1. greater sense that they can understand their relationship with their child

“When I parent my child, their behavior and everything I do makes sense”

  1. experience of calm, beautiful moments increases and parenting becomes a very positive feeling
  2. much less feeling that the child has negative motivations (“he is doing this on purpose”)
  3. increased feeling of connection with the child – strong attachment

Greater sense that we have a close relationship with the child – all relationships are experienced as closer (siblings, parents to each other, etc.)

It is a program for parents, teachers, child care providers, therapists, and anyone else involved with children, based on attachment theory, with proven high effectiveness, that we highly recommend!


The next group of the Circle of Security program will be conducted entirely through Zoom and will begin as follows:

Saturday Group (afternoon group):
Saturday, 8 October 2022 and every other Saturday for 8 meetings
Time: 15:00 – 17:30


17 MAY 2024


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Circle of Security - Parenting