In addition to training, Play Therapy Greece also offers counseling services to address and solve various problems.

These services are offered to Adults, Children and Couples.


Adult counseling is primarily offered through the person-centered approach of Carl Rogers in which the counselor uses the key elements of the three basic conditions of authenticity, unconditional acceptance, and empathy to create an appropriate climate of safety, respect, and trust so that the client is able to explore themselves and the issues that concern them, develop personally, successfully resolve the issues that concern them, and whatever else they set as a goal.

In addition to person-centered counseling, we utilize the principles of Sand Play using the sand tray and symbols, Play Therapy and Joyce Mills’ model, StoryPlay, through the use of metaphors and Milton Erickson theory.


Couples therapy is conducted through the principles of EFT (Emotional Focused Therapy) so that the couple finds new ways to connect with each other and is able to identify and change the negative vicious circles that are flooded with anger and frustration.

The couples gain more and more trust in each other, the sense of security in the relationship grows and the wounds of the relationship begin to heal and the wounds lose their power. Couples learn to communicate with respect, greater understanding, and most importantly, acceptance.

Play Therapy and StoryPlay techniques are a great way to work with couples.

Children and Adolescents

In this age group, Play Therapy with its many tools is used above all, but also Sand Play or StoryPlay.

When appropriate or even necessary, parents can participate in the sessions using the principles of Filial Play Coaching or Theraplay.


Parent consultation is an integral part of the activities of Play Therapy Greece. A parent, mother or father, is a key person in a child’s life and we ensure that they are as well equipped as possible for this role. Counseling services tailored to that parent and for that family are offered at each meeting with parents. Our concern is to help a parent in the way they need in order to have and support a healthy and happy family.

These services are also offered as information and prevention for expectant parents so that they can build secure attachment with their children in the future to raise mentally healthy and strong children who can reach their full potential.

A special service for expectant parents or parents of newborns is Baby Bonding. In groups, parents and children learn to create a secure attachment bond through carefully structured sessions. Relationships are strengthened and children flourish on all possible levels.

Parent-child groups are also formed through the principles of Theraplay and play to strengthen bonds and improve relationships in the daily life of the family.

In addition to personalized services, Effective Communication Laboratories is offered to Teachers (EAD) and Parents (EAG) using the effective communication method by Thomas Gordon.


In addition to individual sessions, groups are offered for adults, children, teenagers, parents, and mixed groups of children and parents together.


17 MAY 2024


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