This program is a training in supervision, clinically accredited by PTI / PTUK (

The training is experiential and largely focused on the skills that a supervisor should have. The program is designed to be done in 4 sections of two days each. It is usually conducted in 7 days, plus one day of follow-up. Learners acquire supervisory skills, based on the world’s largest modern supervisory models.

Addressed to:

The program is aimed at experienced therapists who have at least 800 hours of therapeutic work with clients, whom they have supervised with at least 200 hours of supervision.

Indicatively, it is addressed to experienced therapists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Mental Health Counselors, Play Therapists, Drama Therapists, as well as Visual Therapists, who would like to enrich their knowledge and skills already capacity of supervisor.

It is designed for:

This program is designed for experienced therapists and play therapists, is largely skill based and aims to:

1. Help develop basic supervisory skills
2. To integrate theory with practice
3. Apply supervisory skills and receive feedback
4. To offer personal development on a professional, but also on a personal level
5. To acquire skills to be effective in communication and management as a supervisor
6. To explore the therapeutic relationship through sand play and other expressive / visual means.


This training is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the general principles of supervision, especially in the areas in which the participants and their supervisors work, such as family and child structures, schools, hospitals, etc. The program includes, but is not limited to:

1. The “Process model of supervision,” the “Seven eyed model,” the “Integrative model in supervision,” and other modern models of supervision (regardless of the therapeutic approach)
2. Issues of Ethics
3. Addressing intercultural issues
4. Expanding creativity
5. Specialized skills in supervision through play / creative – expressive means
6. Skills for individual and team supervision
7. The developmental stages of supervision
8. Supervision sessions with feedback

In addition, the purpose of this training is to provide already experienced professionals working with children, adolescents and adults with additional skills with an internationally recognized certification. This training:
– Enhances counseling, treatment, and practice skills so that participants can respond to clinical supervision.
– Provides skills to respond to individual or group supervision
– Provides an understanding of theory related to supervision
– Will further support the learner’s critical and analytical stance towards their processes and development

In addition to the internship in the program, in order to obtain their certification, one will need to write a few assignments, among which three book reviews are required, a case study with a supervisee and at least 60 supervised practicum hours.


The training program in supervision offered by Play Therapy Greece is fully certified by PTI (Play Therapy International) and the trainees in it are in the lists of its supervisors, as trainees. When trainees complete the program, they are entered in the PTI’s directory with the title Certified Supervisor, which is certified by the PSA (Professional Standards Authority). This body, based in England, is one of the strongest health professions certification bodies in the world.

The program is also considered a Post-Qualification Course and its certification is recognized by Leeds Beckett University, which means that certified supervisors can supervise both therapists and play therapists trained in England under the auspices of the University.


Your program is certified by PTI (Play Therapy International) with the title:
Clinical Supervisor (for Play and Creative Arts Therapies)
In addition, it enables you to become a member of PTI.

The training takes place in Athens at the premises of Play Therapy Greece.
The training hours are from 09:00 to 17:00 daily.

Nellie Boukouvala
Certified Play Therapist
Certified Supervisor
Accredited Course Director for APAC Ltd and member of the academic team of Leeds Beckett University

Contact Phones: +30 210 7796100, +30 6985577627,


17 MAY 2024


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