A comprehensive, high-level, reliable and challenging training. Every three days, a deep journey inside. And when the practical application begins, the magic and effectiveness is confirmed! I highly recommend it.
Vicky Vavva


A very interesting course, with very powerful and useful tools and materials. I started with the idea that I would only gain professional knowledge, but in the end it also gave me a lot for my personal development, to identify and clarify problems on a personal level and to set other priorities. It’s quite challenging, but I highly recommend it.
Apostolopoulou Elena


When I started the first cycle of Play Therapy training, I could not imagine the transformative effect it would have on my personal and professional development. I loved the creative arts and I absolutely trusted that the unconscious knows. The inner therapist woke up. I move on to the second cycle of study and recommend it to anyone who wants powerful experiences.
Μavra Tourik

Psychologist, therapeutic play specialist in & educational play therapist

My training at Play Therapy Greece was truly a life experience! I started with a lot of appetite and interest as the topic of study seemed very appealing, but the reality of the training has far exceeded my expectations! My horizons have expanded incredibly, both personally and professionally, and new ways of thinking and doing things have opened up for me. It has been truly magical! It is an education that I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend to people with similar inclinations and aspirations! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Nellie Boukouvala and Play Therapy Greece!
Virginia Athanasiadou

Master in Education

Play therapy and what it represents as a model of intervention and treatment, has become a way of life for me. I realized early on that “traditional” dialectical interventions could not be appropriate tools to use in childhood therapy. The model of Play Therapy and PTI (Play Therapy International) that my education represents is exactly the practical “tool” I was looking for to frame my studies in Psychology and Child Psychology and to properly combine my theoretical knowledge with the very difficult and special part of treating children.
Papadouli Maria

(B.Sc.) Psychologist, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (M.Sc.) Psychology of Child Development, University of Central Lancashire Trainee Play Therapist, Play Therapy International / Play Therapy Greece

For me, training at Play Therapy was a magical experience, one that changed my life both professionally and personally. On a professional level, it opened up avenues that I never even thought could seduce and develop me in such a way. I gained valuable knowledge, I met great people, I learned, I played, I laughed, I experienced emotions and experiences that will stay with me forever. On a personal level, I got to know myself better, I unfolded aspects of myself I didn’t know existed, I understood my children better, I became a better mother and husband, I made great friends.

Nellie, thank you for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to experience all of this!

Nicole Chatzigeorgiou

I find this program very condensed “rich”, informative and it has helped me realize where my supervisor “stands” based on his experience and how I can support – facilitate – idenitfy, directly and with a multi-level supply hardware and processing.
Spyridoula Stampolaki

Psychologist, Supervisor

What Nellie emphasizes and emphasizes again..that it is a life changing course… I didn’t believe it until I experienced it… I wish there were more powerful training programs in Greece like that!
Maria Vathi


My experience in training as a play therapist has very harmoniously combined my passion for child psychology with my knowledge as an educator. The experiential nature of the training has also been therapeutic for me, which has made me even more convinced of the effectiveness of the model used. It is a training that respects the individuality of each person and promotes freedom of expression, effortlessly. The principles that the trainee must adopt as part of their practice are thus adopted as part of the training, thus giving them the opportunity to experience the ‘whys’ of their role rather than simply to memorize them in the form of sterile knowledge. The psychotherapeutic power of play, moreover, is limited when specific instructions are strictly followed. This power is enhanced by the coordination, adaptability, acceptance and discretion of the therapist, who is fully present without his presence becoming intrusive. The specific training is carried out in such a way that these delicate issues gradually become part of the learner.
Kosti Katerina

A holistic approach with a perfect synthesis of therapeutic tools, scientific documentation and absolute respect for the child… “A training whose practical application excites me and makes psychotherapeutic treatment more creative…
Olga Tsanaxidou


Clinical Supervision Training through Play & Creative Arts has given me a powerful and rewarding way to help clients on their path to self-knowledge. Through metaphors printed on sand or other forms of creativity, the client is the master of the whole process, on a deeper and more authentic level, where they work safely and are not limited by words.
Valeria Sardenberg

Counseling Psychologist, Ex-Supervisor through Play & Creative Arts

The training was a powerful and profound experience for me. On the one hand, it satisfied me in the cognitive part, it put me in contact with an area of utmost interest and I am sure that the knowledge I gained there will accompany me in everything I do. On the other hand, the experiential part of the training worked as a very well structured process of personal development and all this took place in a safe environment where respect and care were more than a given.

I have been interested in attending this particular training in play therapy for a long time. When it was offered in Greece by Play Therapy Greece, I was thrilled and immediately seized the opportunity to realize my deep desire to work with children through play therapy using the APAC model. I was enchanted by the way this model helps children with various difficulties to gain a stronger sense of self and develop their potential, through a wide range of tools. I was also enchanted by the seriousness of the training, its high standards and the seriousness that controls its results. It helped me connect neurobiology, attachment theory, and other theories to play and gain a deeper understanding of children’s play, making me more effective in my work. Training in play therapy using the APAC model took my career to the next level and opened up new professional horizons. I trained as a supervisor through creative arts and games and I am also training as a course leader to train new play therapists. I really didn’t imagine this progression when I started and I am happy with this journey I have started! I am sure that those who decide to take this training will understand my excitement!
Katerina Tsimila

Sociologist, Master in pca counseling, Tr. Supervisor


17 MAY 2024


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